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Established since 1989, We take special pride in providing excellent customer service to our clients with the utmost detail and care. Your pool, home, and spa needs are unique, and we can develop a solution that fits your particular needs.


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Whether you are looking to remodel, repair or check for leaks on your pool or spa, rest assured that New Image LLC has the right portfolio of products, services and the necessary know-how to address all of your remodeling and repair home related concerns.

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You can’t trust just any contractor to give you superior workmanship at the price you want. For customized projects large and small, you need someone you can trust. We are New Image Construction!


Almost 30 years perfecting our design & renovation craft. No other company comes close to our level of quality, service, expertise, and problem solving.


Our reputation allows us to provide unparalleled value while sourcing highest quality materials. We strive for customer satisfaction and results.

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We take the stress out of renovating and hiring multiple companies. We are your one-stop-shop when it comes to remodeling, repairs and renovations.


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New Image LLC can comlete a variety of projects. Anywhere from home renovations like kitchen, bathroom and living room remodels to outdoor renovations, we can do it all..